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Closed Transfer System for Crop Spraying

Everything you need to know about crop spraying regulations and how the AccuRite Closed Transfer System makes crop spraying fast, simple, and safe.

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    Thursday, April 7, 2022
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    • Be ready for 2024

      The European crop protection industry aims to make Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) available to all farmers and operators by 2030 (with a switch over starting as soon as 2022 and individual country regulations starting as from 2024). What does this mean for your business? What solutions are available?

    • Closed Transfer Systems will be a “Must-Have”

      Using CTS systems will not be optional, but enforced by strict regulations. Understanding the regulatory requirements and using approved solutions will protect you from heavy fines.

    • AccuRite is Environment and Operator Friendly

      AccuRite enables fast and safe chemical transfer to the sprayer. Operators simply set the required amount, enabling partial or full use of the container’s content. After that, the entire process is automatic.

    easyconnect – sustainable time & labor-saving system that significantly reduces exposure and spill risks

    Dr. Tirso Garcia de Oteyza Feldermann | Sustainable and Responsible Business Manager EAME at Syngenta

    Crop spraying end-user challenges.
    Closed Transfer System for plant protection – User point of view

    Niels Jacob Jakobsen | ADAMA Northern Europe, Strategic Agronomy Manager

    AccuRite Close Transfer System coupler

    Chaim Schwartz | AccuRite Business Division Director


    Why are Closed Transfer Systems Important?

    As crop spraying regulations get tougher, safe and sustainable chemical transfer solutions that effectively protect operators and the environment are needed.

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    Smart yet simple & user friendly

    The user-friendly touch panel enables operators to set the amount of chemicals to be transferred.
    The entire process is carried out automatically, with no need for user intervention.

    Sustainable Process

    Tefen AccuRite’s accuracy complies with the deviation in dosing measurement required by ISO 21191:2021(E) and eliminates chemical wastage.

    Reliable & Versatile

    Designed for harsh environments, AccuRite can be used in the field, on a tractor, or at a filling station.

    Product Features

    Easy to maintain
    Full or partial draining
    Can be mounted on the sprayer or at the filling station
    Compatible price
    Electronically operated
    Easy to use
    Dosing accuracy – 2.5% of the smallest container used
    Fast draining
    Control panel
    Compatible with any spray equipment from all manufacturer

    Connectivity & Data Management

    Tefen AccuRite provides mobile capabilities — enabling remote management, recording date, time and chemical usage, and providing farmers and chemical manufacturers with access to the cloud-based data.


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